My daughter's laptop hung up during a Win 8 update, unfortunately she turned it off.
Upon rebooting, got Flash BIOs screen, and it showed same message (Preparing to configure Windows, do not turn your computer off).
It stayed that way for about 8 hours, so I inserted a linux (unbuntu live) disk, and booted successfully. I couldn't access the main C drive so I powered down (per the Unbuntu instructions), took out the DVD, and then attempted to reboot, now when I hit the power button, the front power indicator just blinks. Nothing.
I researched this, and several articles said to unplug the power adaptor, remove the battery, hold down the power button for 30 seconds, etc. The problem is that the battery is not accessible, have to take back cover off. I am prepared to do this (computer is out of warranty) just wondered if there is an easier solution, and possibly why its doing this.

Toshiba Satellite P55t-A5202, Windows 8, 8 gigs of RAM, 1TB HD


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She could've stopped it while updating some critical system files/booting related maybe and that could be causing the problem. Did you try to recover an earlier snapshop of it? I can't remember how to access the menu on win8 but you should be able to find it easily on google. If that doesn't go well I would personally just go for reinstall

The problem now is, it won't power on

Found the following, which may be of use:
Toshiba black screen won't start

..."This is WORKED FOR ME!--->I turned off my computer than unplugged cable and took out battery, held down power button for 1-2mins and than put everything back in (battery and charger) and tried to start it...the screen was still black. I than turned it off again, than pressed ESC, while holding down ESC I pressed and held power button until it briefly turned on and back off. Than I let go of both the buttons and pressed power back on and VOILA the screen came back on. Make sure your charger isn't loose, and than you're aren't surging too much power through the outlets-sometimes these can make the screen black too"...

You can download Windows install/repair images here. Note - you must have a valid Windows registration number which you should be able to get from the sticker on your computer. You can find detailed instructions here.

Any tool to create a USB installation for Windows is fine.

RUFUS or Novicorp WinTo flash would do.

Novicorp however was detected as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) but is a False Positive.

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