I've clean-installed a Windows 10 Home on a PC which had Windows 7 Home (with OEM key present), but now am unable to activate the Windows 10 with the OEM key available. I read that Microsoft is now allowing the use of existing OEM keys to activate Win 10, and also I've got the Windows 10 10586 (1511) version, which I validated using the "winver" command after installation. The 1511 ISO was downloaded from Microsoft's website, and not tampered with.

Any help on this issue would be most welcome.


That didn't work for me. What did work was to run 7 then take the offer for the 10 upgrade. After 10 is running the PC is now marked as "good for 10" with a hardware hash so no key is required.

Now the clean install works.

Your method is not one I found to work.

Oh so this is the catch here with the supposed "OEM" activation being provided. Thanks for the info. Will move back to 7 in this case and let the updates do the rest.

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