I've clean-installed a Windows 10 Home on a PC which had Windows 7 Home (with OEM key present), but now am unable to activate the Windows 10 with the OEM key available. I read that Microsoft is now allowing the use of existing OEM keys to activate Win 10, and also I've got the Windows 10 10586 (1511) version, which I validated using the "winver" command after installation. The 1511 ISO was downloaded from Microsoft's website, and not tampered with.

Any help on this issue would be most welcome.


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That didn't work for me. What did work was to run 7 then take the offer for the 10 upgrade. After 10 is running the PC is now marked as "good for 10" with a hardware hash so no key is required.

Now the clean install works.

Your method is not one I found to work.


Oh so this is the catch here with the supposed "OEM" activation being provided. Thanks for the info. Will move back to 7 in this case and let the updates do the rest.

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