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Has anyone worked with TCP/IP socket in Windows Phone? I'm using Windows Phone 7 and I would like my app to communicate with my server which my client will send some data to the server and the server will also send some data to the client, It's more like chat server, but I'm not using it for chatting. I need some resources/source/samples. I've found samples but there are in C# and I tried converting it to VB.NET but it seems the code used doesn't match when converted to VB.NET.

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My advice is to not do this. Go get an android phone since Windows 7 phone users are scarce. I've encountered 2 in 6 years.
Microsoft also did not plan on OS upgrades for their phones which has lead to their rather low market share.

Our office did consider that line but Microsoft's stance on apps at the time meant we could not deploy apps except through their market app.
As the movie line goes, run away, run away.

Lol ;-) wow. But what about our clients that uses these devices though? I was planing to develop apps for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, and after that look into IOS.

So you mean I should leave this project?

Here it was simple. We found that the count of Windows Phone users in our group to be in the single digits so the effort would have been expensive per user. We could give them a phone that the app was on and it would cost less.

Blackberry is dead too. Back then BB was asking for notarized applications and more. It was nothing short of amazing what they wanted. Fast forward to today and BB is on life support.

My advice is to get your Android game on.

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