Hi I have a problem with my windows xp pc sp3 after it finishes loading windows xp screen just as it's about to load login screen pc constantly restarts itself
I did have cpu cooling issues so bought new cooler and rear fan also put new thermal paste in 10 mins after pc went slow wouldn't let me do anything. Pc didn't like being touched kept saying ntldr is missing took ages to sort it out then memory kept beeping took ages to sort that out but now I've got the issue where screen goes black with the cursor showing pc constantly restarts itself after windows xp loading screen when it's about to load login screen. How do I resolve this issue?
Nvidia graphics card g force 6400
cpu amd athon 3200+
512mb memory
Winfast motherboard
250gb hard drive and 350gb another hard drive

I don't see where you tried another account and safe mode. Try those. I don't write how since XP users are well seasoned and we have the internet.

Ok Will do

Tried going to safe mode and it kept restarting

When normal and safe mode fails, the OS is blown. It doesn't tell us where or why it's blown. I usually test the PC further with Live OS CD/DVD/USB. I noted this a few years back at http://tips.oncomputers.info/archives2004/0401/2004-Jan-11.htm

There are odd instances where XP will just reboot if I plug in some USB thing it's not ready for. Just last week a client brought in an old PC and we looked around, declared it too far gone and then they revealed they had moved the HDD from a truly dead PC. Windows doesn't like that either. They got an extra hour of billing by not telling us that.

The machine should be young enough to support USB Boot. So I would propose to get yourself a bootable USB-Device (can be USB CD-ROM, USB-drive, USB-stick, ...). Make sure it is bootable by trying on a different machine.

What it boots to is not relevant in the beginning. You just need to get somewhere where you can hit a few keys of click with the mouse to make sure the HW is in working condition.

Once you can exclude the HW as the root cause, I would propose to do a XP repair installation from the original XP CD.

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