Hi daniweb community, this sounds really weird question but I'm having a problem finding a page/portal. has been about 2 days and I've been searching literally for more than 30 hours. From the desperation I am asking any of u if they know it.
Inside microsoft page, or microsoft azure. there was a page where you could use microsoft tools, tickets and things like that, was as portal which gives you free things. one of them was "6$ every month for microsoft azure", discount tickets and things like that.

I know this is a very stupid question, and not for this place, but please help me, really need it. There is a "ticked" which can help me with my C# program :(

You might be talking about Microsoft's offer of free Visual Studio plus other freebies/discounts (i.e. Azure) for developers. You might not be getting the page because it only comes up if you are signed in to your Microsoft Account as a developer. Try this link...


If you don't have an account, make one. If you do, sign in. Make sure you click whatever you have to click to say you're a developer (and not a developer in a big company that can afford Microsoft Visual Studio, because then you might have to pay). When you are logged in, you should be able to navigate to a page where you can edit your profile. Look for a link saying "Use your benefits". That should take you to a page of stuff you can click on, one of which is a $25/month credit for a year with Azure.

Not sure if that's what you're looking for.