Hi all

I recently installed Windows 10 as a clean install using the ISO DVD I downloaded and burned before the free offer ended in July. I also downloaded and installed the anniversary edition (1607). However when I boot up the system will pass the POST stage and start to load Windows. However during this process it will just restart and on the next attempt fully load Windows 10. My configuration consists of the following

Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H motherboard with an Intel I7-4790K CPU and 16GB DDR3 1600 RAM.
Sapphire Radeon R7-240 (4GB) graphics.
Startech.com 4 port IDE controller card (PCI)
Creative X FI Extrememusic sound card (PCI)

All of the drivers and windows updates are up to date and are updated as they are released. I also disabled the on board audio and video in the BIOS.

Any idea what could potentially be causing this and any advice as to how to resolve it without having to reinstall Windows 10 would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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I had one machine do that. I returned the BIOS to stock settings and used the onboard video (pulled out vid card) and it's working now. Will try the old disable fast start setting and then add the video card. Try that.

Also, another poor soul had a working W10 then they began installing drivers. They broke it but didn't remember which driver broke it. Poor them, they get to re-do and this time watch for which driver.

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