A few weeks ago my laptop browsing and windows apps error. When i am on my facebook account i can watch youtube videos posted on feeds but other videos pos unable to watch and play just black screen and keep on loading. Even some FB games is not working properly. I already send a help message on FB but there is no answer and assistance from them. Also microsoft login page, adobe login page not working just a white page with text, No download button on adobe flash player downloads. I tried to open those website in all web browser (IE,Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Opera). All was updated, But when i open those website error in other computers i can watch,play,download and open the page. Even installing adobe photoshop can't install due of error on login to adobe website as needed for installation.Windows 8 apps won't work like store, skype and others apps. Stores after load message shows "No internet connection check for internet service and try again." Skype not working check store and try again. Switching for microsoft account not working when need to login on microsoft message shows "Service is buisy please try again later." Windows updates after restart shows message "failure updates. Reverting changes."I refresh a couple of times my windows not affecting my files and data. After refreshed nothing happens same problems. I tried to restart/re-install windows without affecting files and date in other drive. Nothing happens and same problems. I tried to re-install/restart for a clean windows installation and deleting files and data. Nothing happens and same problems. Run spyware/anti-spyware, run driver missing/files, run malwarebytes/anti-malware, scan for virus, system optimization, updated all driver and software including browser, flash,shockwaves,java. Same problems occur nothing happens.What should i do? What did i do for getting this problem? Should i change for windows 7?
Please help?
Your assistance is much appreciated. Thank you all.

May be the system file is corrupt .To solve the problem Go to the start menu and type reset the pc . This facility only in windows 10 . With this way you can reset your pc

Do you have any problems with applications that are not dependent on the internet?
If you have got as far as re-installing WIndows then maybe the problem is internet-related. You may have configuration problems such as bad proxy settings or over-restrictive firewall settings. Are you on a network that requires a network login? Windows 10 default security settings are tighter than previous versions, so maybe that's why you have the problem now.
Changing to windows 7 is only going to be helpful if you have hardware so old that windows 10 is not supported on it.

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