Does anyone know of a tool that I can download to run on pc's and laptop's to check that they are compatible with Windows 10? I know I could just compare the specs but I've been asked to find out if there is software that I can just run.

I've trawled through google but they are either recommending the 'Get Windows 10' app but thst won't work for me because I cannot install KB3035583 as we use volume licensing.

Also people have suggested checking on the Microsoft sites from the windows 7 to window 8 upgrade (because if your hardware etc is compatible with windows 8 it'll be fine for windows 10) but Microsoft have replaced that page with a 'Windows 10 is here' type page.

We have Windows 7 machines.

Any suggestions would be great,


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I have found the old checker from MSFT to be hit and miss. That is, old iron that failed actually runs W10 very well. Example: 2006 Dell E1505 didn't run W10 until the BIOS was updated. Then it was fine. Yes we changed it to SSD otherwise it would have not been acceptable.

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