Hi all,

I need to find a bar code reader that works with Java. Essentially, the bar code reader is going to be used to read hardware asset barcodes. The reader will be connected to a laptop. I need to be able to write Java code on the laptop that will receive the barcode in text for the purpose of doing a lookup.

Does anyone have experience with barcode readers that have Java APIs for reading the scanned in barcodes?

Thanks in advance

I believe a barcode scanner/reader will input the text to your program through an input stream much like the keyboard. I recently starting playing around with my old CueCat barcode scanner again and got that working in java. The cuecat spits out an encoded string with a carriage return character at the end.

I was able to just use a KeyListener which stored each keystroke as written out by the scanner. I listened for the return key and then parsed the recorded string.