I have recently joined the Forum. I have been having some problem with MSN and hotmail signing on one of my computers for about a month now. I have extensively searched he Net for any answers, but found none.

I have two computers at home. Both running Win XP. I have connected the DSL modem to one computer and the other computer is connected through LAN networking for sharing files and internet connection. This system had been working fine for the last two years. Suddenly my other computer has stopped accessing MSN messenger and Hotmail. Every other URL is accessed. I can access both on my computer directly connected to the internet. I tried everything I could think of and then finally formatted both the computers and reinstalled the OS. Pretty sure that this would solve the problem. But NO, the problem remains. Now I am surprised because the system was working fine for 2 years and it has stopped working only now.

The only change I have made it I have installed a RADEON 9100 128MB DDR graphic card in my second computer about two months back. The computer could access MSN and Hotmail for about a month even after this new installation.

Now I really don't know what to do. Any suggessions any one ??


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A few of our members have had similar problems in the past. Look through the threads in the link below for possible solutions:


Also, your problem could be caused by a spyware/Hijackware program or other similar malicious software. Read through the threads in our Security forum for suggestions on how to check your system for these infections and remove them if they exist.

I am having this same problem, and, when I clicked on the link above, it said "no matches found"

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Strange- the link worked when I posted it. Let me see if I can find the info again and get back to you with it.

perhaps the problem with the link is related to the problem with hotmail, yahoo, wachovia, etc...

Rakesh, were you ever able to resolve your issue?

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