The gems programming Series Can I just start off with Gems programming 9 or do I have to start off with 1 and work my way up?

That's "volume 9", so you will need to master 1-8 before tackling volume 9.

Thank you! Also Joe, I have a question on texturing for you Its about photoshop... I am going to be doing a Game and I am prolyl going to end up being the modeler and all do you have any sugestions for how to do photoshop texturing for like If I wanted to a tree or something. Books, tutorials?

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You probably need to uv map the tree. Photoshop provides no functionality in terms of uv mapping.

Personally I wouldn't uv map a tree. Keep it one tone colour tis the simplest way.

Yeah, UV mapping is hard. For one thing, you have to warp the image to the 3D shape the model is going to be in. For example, a sphere's texture image needs to have a fisheye lens filter applyed to it so the image can be mapped properly.

As you can imagine, warping a tree is much harder than a sphere. Once you've done that, the actual UV mapping can usually be done in a modeller. This texture file contains the UV coordinates which can be read and used in your program.

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