Please guys i need help with this. I am conversant with VB but i don't understand how am going to interrellate the Mobile phone and the Server to enable them to communicate. Can someone explain to me what steps i should take i don't mind if i could see a piece of code so i can know if am on the right track.Thank you.:confused:

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I send sms but I always send it as email to the correctly formatted address for the mobile phone provider. I did a little project in VB6 to do exactly what you are asking about. It sends email through the users Outlook, a less than perfect solution.

You could use a dropdown/combo to allow the user to select a provider. Here's the code I'm using to handle the provider:

Select Case cboProvider
        Case "Cingular"
            strProvider = "@cingularme.com "
        Case "Verizon"
            strProvider = "@vtext.com"
        Case "AllTel", "AllTell"
            strProvider = "@message.AllTel.com"
        Case "T-Mobile", "TMobile"
            strProvider = "@tmomail.net"
        Case "Virgin Mobile", "VirginMobile"
            strProvider = "@vmobl.com"
        Case "Sprint"
            strProvider = "@messaging.sprintpcs.com"
        Case "Nextel"
            strProvider = "@messaging.nextel.com" 
        Case "Cellular South", "CellularSouth"
            strProvider = "@csouth1.com"
    End Select

Now you need to get the phone number and put it on the beginning of the string. Something like this:

strEmailAddress = strPhNumber & strProvider


Thank you so much.I am definately going to give it a trial.At the moment i maneged to send an sms from VB to a mobile phone now am working on how to send an sms from the mobile to the PC.

Am doing my Engineering project where by a Tesco customer has to send an sms to the Tesco server and receive information on the location and price of a product in the supermarket.




Thank you for your help i will definately try it. So far i have managed to send an sms using VB from the PC to the mobile now am working on how i can send an sms from the mobile to the PC. Any ideas are welcomed.



Search for "Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll" in google and download the required file.

It is easy to use. Include the reference for this DLL. Create Instance of the objects. Pass on the port name to which your mobile/GSM Modem is connected along with your mobile number, sim card number..then send.

Demo is available in the pack. Try this.

If this works. Kindly acknowledge.

If you find any other answer. Kindly forward it to me too...joshua@abstechlogiks.com

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