I am creating a simple windows applications using Visual C#. Everything looks good excep the Buttons. Eventhough the buttons looks to have rounded corners and look like Windows XP in the Visual C# developing enviroment, once I build the application the buttons looks old fashion square shape like the one in Win3.1.

This is the way the Buttons on my application look:

and I would like them to be like this one:

Could you be kind enough to tell me how I can change this?

Thank you for your help.


please post screenshots

what Windows and Visual Studio environment are you running?

one possiblity would be to design the buttons yourself. look at the following for a great introduction and example:

hope this helped

That's a bad idea - no need to reinvent the wheel. Even if you have an older version of visual Studio you can still get windows xp styled buttons by including a manifest file in the same directory as your executable.

If all that's too much hassle download c# 2005 express?

That's a bad idea - no need to reinvent the wheel.

indeed, the alternative method is not first choice. that's why i asked for the running versions.


One thing too is for me on my XP setting I have all the flash appearances fancy shading turned off to gain the extra performance.

When all the setting are turned up in XP you will get the cool looking buttons. Ran my app on another machine and was like WOW that looks cool.

My 2 cents