Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how to store record from datagrid to oracle database at run time. user have to enter one record in datagrid at run time and the record should be saved at button click in the oracle.

manak chand :)

Edit the following code and put it in the button routine:

Dim drRow As DataRow
        Dim intRow As Integer = 0
        If DataSet1.HasChanges Then
            For Each drRow In  DataSet1.Tables("TABLENAME").Rows
                If drRow.RowState = DataRowState.Added Then
                    'add your SQL Statement for INSERT HERE
                ElseIf drRow.RowState = DataRowState.Modified Then
                    ' add your SQL Statement for UPDATE HERE
                ElseIf drRow.RowState = DataRowState.Deleted Then
                    ' add your SQL Statement for DELETE HERE
                End If
                intRow += 1

after this just call your routine to pass the SQL code to the database.

how to call a trigger in VB.NET from ORACLE

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