Im trying to create a datagrid that will display an image instead of what is actually stored in the database. For instance if the result of a zodiac is leo, then show the leo image, or if it is cancer, show the cancer symbol, etc.. I am using a datagrid to show the results of the query but want to populate it with images instead of strings which is how they are stored in the database. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or point me to a good tute on the subject. thanks

are you asking about how to loop thru database ? i think like this

count = Me.DataSet.Table_Name.Count
        For i = 0 To count - 1
            m = Me.DataSet. Table_Name.Rows(i).Item("Column_name")
            Select Case m
                Case "Leo"
                  Display image of Leo in   Me.DataGrid1.Item(i, 0)

            End Select

Exactly what I needed.. Thanks!