write a program that:
asks the user to enter a grade (integer between 0 and 100)

if the grade is above a 90, display good job
if the grade is below a 70:
--- ask for a second grade
--- if the second grade is 70 or above, display you passed
--- if the second grade is below 70, display you failed

Here you go. Enter the following at http://www.quitebasic.com/

2000 CLS
2010 PRINT "This BASIC program is just a sample of things you can do with Quite BASIC.  You will see drawing on the canvas, user input/output, and in the program are examples of most of the supported BASIC commands."
2020 PRINT
2040 IF S > 90 THEN GOTO 3000
2050 IF S >= 70 THEN GOTO 4000
2070 IF S >= 70 THEN GOTO 4000
2080 PRINT "you failed"
2090 END
3000 PRINT "good job"
3010 END
4000 PRINT "you passed"
4010 END

This is your first post and you have already made some big mistakes.

  1. You didn't ask for help. You demanded it.
  2. You didn't show any proof that you had tried to do this yourself.
  3. You screamed in the thread title. Are 37 ! really necessary?
  4. You did not summarize the problem in the title.
  5. You did not read the community rules.
  6. You posted in the wrong area.

In short, expect us to put the same effort into doing your homework that you did.

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