Dear all,
My user scan all documents paper to PDF files.
The PDF files are saved in one folder in my website.
By using ASP.Net 2.0, I show up those PDF files in Internet Explorer.
How do I protect my PDF file in order to avoid saving my PDF files to users local directory ?



hi- i am going through a similar thing right now. let me tell you what i did. i am not sure it solves your problem, but...

first, after the file is scanned, it is transferred to a document file server. let's call the computer \\DOCSERV.

\\DOCSERV is not directly connected to the internet, but is accessible to the webserver computer (let's call this computer WWWSERVER)

now, it wouldn't be good if people could just go to and see the docs.

so my website, after the user logs in (sql verified), docs available to the user are populated. these docs are transfered from the DOCSERVER to a temp directory on the webserver for the particular client the employee is working on. a process then starts on the webserver to kill those documents in 1 hr.

docs are named by a uniqueidentified plus a randomized number... highly unlikely it will be randomly found.

good luck.