I am using FRAME Page in my asp.net 1.0 project.
I am Coding in vb.net and used JS also.
The problem i am facing is that,
when the page opened in Frame has an link to open next page then it opens that page within the same FRAME page . i.e. FRAME page in FRAME page.
This is happening when the target is set to self.
Is there is any solution you know. then please help me.
Can anyone help me?

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Hello Friends.
i solved this by simply setting target="_top"
but now the new problem is i need to do same with Image click. Any one have Idea about it.


image click? You can add the same attribute even if intellisense doesn't pick it up. just add the 'target="_top"' to your image click. But instead.. assuming you're using "onclick" with your <img src...>, just wrap it with an <a href=... target="_top"><img src...></a> and it's solved.


Hey thanks for reply.
Actually i am showing images in grid view control dynamically. Where i need to pass number of values using DataBinder. Finally i solved that. as follows...
<a href="I_Frm.aspx?SrNo=<%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"SrNo")%>" target="_top"><img src='<% #DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"FullImagePath") %>' ></a>

as you siad.. Thanks.. :D

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