odd problem with IE and Javascript?
when I open my pages using ip (and not host name) thier javascript functions and events dont
can any one help?

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IP addresses as web addresses are obsolete.

1. Don't use IP addresses. Use of an IP address in a web address is usually a sign of sneakiness. Some firewalls block this (keeping your user from getting to your site). An IE security setting may be blocking this.

2. If you used a relative reference to the JS file, the browser expects to build the path to find the script by using the url of the current page. It gets lost when an IP address appears instead.

hi MidiMagic
you are right , generally speaking , using IP instead of url is'nt a good method.
and I'm not using IP address usually.
in fact I want to demo a project, and to access my server it is required to use IP address.
and javascript events and function all are inline code, (not relative reference to the JS file)

It could still be a security setting. IP addresses are usually counted as not trusted, and so the security won't allow scripts.

I removed any limitting security settings and the still the problem exists? !!!!!!!!! ?
any help ??

If it works in Firefox using IP then what is different in IE? Seems like a security setting could disable scripting across domains and consider "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" a "domain"? If your objects reference by DNS...different domain. Either way...defining the IP as a "local intranet site" and checking browser scripting permissions might be worth trying if you haven't already.

yes , it is a security problem , I added the ip address to trusted sites and now my events work.
thanks to antioed and MidiMagic

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