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I struck at one of my projects where I have to convert uploaded video files into flash files.I am not getting proper idea how this get it done.Please help me in this regards.

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You have to use ffmpeg to convert video files into flash files.They are a separate application but you can run them through PHP. Google about them and you will know how,ok?

This is a batch script I wrote about a year ago to use FFMPEG to convert mpeg or any video format really into flv

@echo off
set getdir="%CD%"
set pathto=<put path to ffmpeg here>
cd %pathto%
ffmpeg.exe -i %getdir%\%1 -s 640x480 -ar 44100 -r 25 -sameq %getdir%\%1.flv
cd %getdir%

Used like so

mpegtoflv test.mpeg

hi guys!
i want to advice to you very good tool its VisiFly!
this simple prog has demo without timelimit and works with all common formats!i hope this prog will help you!

yes VisyFly very good tool!
i use it now!

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As one of our co-writer said, you have to convert your movie files to *.flv. in order for this to work you will also need a flash movie to play it.