Iam facing a wierd issue with ASP.NET and MySQL. My ASP.NET site hangs pediodically. After it hangs none of the pages open. But other sites on the same Server still works.

The only way to bring the site back is by restarting the WWW service or by restarting the server.

Iam using the Connector/Net 5.1 for MySQL. Is anybody else facing this issue? Iam running out of ideas. I checked the event logs and it just says unexpected error occurred.

I will appreciate any assistance in this matter. I hope there is a patch for this issue.

I've run into similar behavior when a high number of connections were open to MySQL simultaneously. Is there a high volume site on the server or does this happen most often during peak hours? Our fix was moving a couple higher volume sites to one of our other servers and giving the code a once-over to make sure datareaders etc. are closed asap after opening. You may also want to try putting the site in it's own app pool in IIS, if it isn't already. Another thing to check is if you have anything installed on the server that indexes your web sites at certain intervals. I'd also check your backup software, just to see if the time of the errors in the event log match up to whenever the indexing or backup runs.

Just some ideas.

Thanks for the reply.
I have no backup software on this server. It does not have too much traffic but yes atleast 500 hits a day. This issue is totally irregular so I cannot rely on the event logs too. I will definitely put it under a new app ppol. We also made sure that we were closing the datareaders as soon as they are not in use.

I will post my observations.