i've been trying to install apache and every time i do:
make install
the final step in installing it...
i update the httpd.config file
and i try to start the server
it gives me the following error:
mod_sock: unable to bind to
cannot open log files..
im installing Apache under linux by the way
any suggestions?

Hey that comes pre-installed with linux no?

Any way here is a check list that might help you

* Check whether you have permissions in the folder to create log files.
* Check if the apache port is conflicting with another application that might have opened the same port (Try changing this port number in your HTTPD.conf file)
* Try restarting your webserver (Apache) service.

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thank you very much... i solved the problem. it seems that the apatche version which is httpd_2.0.51 i installed had some conflict ports...i installed apache_1.3.31 instead and it did just fine
just wanted to let you know
thank you

that's good to know :)

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