anyone can help me to decode this file


Hi armend90,

This file was encoded by a program called ionCube. Usually if a file has been encoded, then it means the creator doesn't want anyone messing with the code. Where did you get the script from?

hi richie513
i pay it from vldpersonals but i pay personal license and i need a lot to decode it i cant modification becaus is enryptet from ionCube
can u decode it for me ?

Actually I can't armend, you need to talk with the people you bought it from, it's not easy decoding php files and is against the law, I don't do this. People encode their scripts for a reason, but if you payed for a personal license then I suggest you talk with the poeple you bought the script from and they may do it for you. Sorry I can't help you any further with this:)

ok richie513
thnx for replay..

No worries armend, and I hope all goes well for you:)

This thread is now closed, since reverse engineering an encrypted script is likely in conflict with the licencing agreement under which that script was purchased.