We have our present site running in JSP(www.nio.org).

The only thing that is missing is groups.

So we want to add these features to it.

Let us consider the situation.

There are students at the lowest level, the teachers at the next higher level.
And the principal at the highest level.

I want to set rights to them in the following manner.

The students should be allowed to add content and the content that is added by him should be available to him for modification.

He should have access only to his content and not to the content of another student, or teacher or Principal.

Now the teacher should be allowed to add his/her own content, make changes to it, modify it as and when necessary, have access to the content of students only are under him.

He/her should be allowed to modify the content that has been added by his students.

The teacher should not be allowed to edit the content of students not under him.

The Principal at the highest level, should be allowed to edit the content of all the teachers and publish it on the site.

So in this case it is not only one student, or teacher.

It is a group of students handled by each teacher, and all the teachers handled by the Principal.

Is this grouping possible using JSP.

Please help me!!