ok each one of those things are available on there main site to download and install in unix OSes. So once you downloaded and installed them you don't have to do anything to the mysql(you should have the database server edition) or the php(you might also want to get zend which speeds up php development) for now (this is just basic setup). For apache if you are testing on your own comp and not on a web server then you just set the domain to localhost and your site to localhost. then you don't need to upload to test scripts you can download an IDE i have one called svoi.net php edit it works well. This way you can test your scripts before you put them on a site. I don't know how you set up mysql for a remote site so you might have to just get a book on php and mysql for step by step instructions.

oh yeah one of those google ad sense things above just reminded me that another good program to get is phpmyadmin.

got it i just need a RPM file of each of these
and Command to install RPM files.


i am desinger want to Optimze Trampoline site for search engines.

where i want practical knowledge which articles and books don't provide.

What page rank do .

How to be at top





I am unable to install PHP on Linux.

THere is php.ini file in /etc/

and all

but still i am unable to run PHP

Ashwin Perti

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