header('Location: web_login.html');
        print "<table align='center'><tr><td>Thank u</td></tr>";

        echo $_SESSION['un'];

        print "<tr><td><a href='http://www.examples.com/fram.php'>View  Order</a></td></tr>";

        print "<tr><ta><a href='http://www.examples.com/web_job.php'>Search </a></td></tr>";

        print "</table>";

when i execute this code even though my $_SESSION is present in the database it's showing the web_login page.else is not working.any error in header include code.

Use if(!session_is_registered('un')) instead of if(!isset($_SESSION))

May be it will work,,


thank u for ur reply.still getting that same problem.

Right after session_start, print $_SESSION and tell us what it prints.

the session value is not getting printed.

then it simply means that $_SESSION is not existing.Where does this session comes from anyway?

Add whatever value to $_SESSION and then check again. I guess it has to have username ? When the user logs in, assign the username to $_SESSION.

thanks. i got it....