Ok here goes my issue
I am developing a recruitment tool intranet aplication for my company and when i post a resume i want a pop up which is same like when we upload a pik in sites liek orkut...its basically used in php i wanna know how can i use it.....to integrate it with asp.net
visual studio 2005........cause i have done the coding part with asp.net.....i know im tooo new to php and these techonogies but i think ive come into the right place for help......

Help Would be appreciated........


and one more question i have is
when we post a thread in this community we have a pre written text in the text box click to write the topic kind of stuuf i want to know how we do it using asp.net ..........

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Hey, please be patient your thread may take a few days to be answered if it gets answered at all, I can't help with your main problem sorry but I do know the watermark has been put there with some simple CSS using the background:url(img_url.jpg); attribute :)

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