I have subscribed to a hosting acount that has jsp hosting, they use jsp 2.0 with the tomcat 5.5 server. i am using the netbeans ide to compile my jsp page etc using the tomcat server. my project uses JSF. i am battling to get it working on the site. i copy everything in my build folder which includes the index.jsp, meta-inf, web-inf and resources. but it does not work when i try go to the site. is there something i am missing? all the versioning seems to be correct. is there another way i should deploy this?

Any help appreciated.

"it doesn't work" isn't going to cut it.
You'll need to tell us WHAT doesn't work, and why.

sorry about that, once ive uploaded my project into the root folder "public_html" and go to the site, if i go straight to the domain it does not load the index.jsp, if i redirect the browser to the index.jsp i get a http status 404 - index.jxp not found.

says it all. Either your index.jsp isn't where it should be, OR you have the URL wrong.

> my project uses JSF.

JSF projects require a configuration file which goes by the name of faces-config.xml along with an entry of FacesServlet in the web.xml which does the actual processing of the JSF pages. You need to take care of these things when deploying a JSF app; but considering you are getting a 404, it's one of the two things jwenting has stated in the previous post.

there is another option, and that is that some servlet of JSF is mapped to the URI "index.jsp" and is unavailable for some reason.
Most likely that would however be because it fails to load or run and lead to a deployment error or a 500 series error.
Check the application and server logs...