I work for a company that does not allow us to have access to the internet but I need to create graphs using HTML. What I want is this file to be able to read from a file and create a graph that tracks four values; A,B,C,D. The graph needs to be a line graph and can track records for 1 yr. Also what I want is another or the same HTML file to have inputs for these four values and saves them to a text file or some other file type that the other file can read.
I do not have access to any normal graph program. Nor can I download one. I do not have access to the internet but I do have access to a browser. I realize that this is probably going to be tough but can anyone help me?

HTML can't do that. It can't do anything but display web pages. The only way it can display a graph is if the graph is in an image file. Why do you want HTML?

You need Microsoft Office instead. Excel contains all you need. Excel can also save an HTML version of the spreadsheet. But it would be much better to have an internal server serve real Excel pages.

Other programs that can graph are Visual Basic and Java. But you have to know programming to use them.