Hi all,

I am looking for a software to index my images. Essentially just having keywords are not enough, I would like there to be customizable fields which I can add text and it is stored into database and can be searched.

Fields I would like are:

Number of people in photo: (1, 2, 3, etc)
Festive season: (eg, halloween, xmas, new year etc)
City: (New York, London etc)
Country: (USA, England etc)
Time of day: (Dawn, mid-day, dusk, night etc)

Is there such a software that is available? I would prefer php and mysql as my hosting doesn't allow shell access and installing php and mysql is much easier.

Modifying a software is way beyond my scope, I have zero programming expertise. Appreciate any suggestions.

Does it allow customized fields like I have mentioned? I had a look at their demo but it doesn't appear to have that function.