I have some webspace that I used so far for university assegnments. I would like to to convert it to blog website where I will place some rants, codes and some maybe for somebody interesting info that I find along the research path of my MSc project. Website will be based on Java with MySQL back end database. As I have no time to start this from scratch I did some googling and come accross some open source bloggers on java-source.net. From provided projects DLOG4J looks good to me as it also has support for WAP (it is plus as the website will be about J2ME and mobile technologies and I may do dedicated access for mobiles/PDAs).
Does any of you have some experience with this sort of job? Do you have ideas and suggestions? If so, please contribute.

read the installation instructions carefully and be sure to understand them before you try anything.
After that do a trial run on some local server on your own machine to make sure it works.

That's all :)

Yeah, I will run it on local machine I want to know more about it befor full deployment as it provide interesting functionality and I need to learn how to work with it. No point messing around once on hosting side. Also my provider nearly kick my back side last time when I uploaded 1.6 version of 1.5, my stupid forgot to change Java version for compiling:$

happens to the best of us. Luckily never done it to a production site for a customer, but countless times to internal servers.
Doesn't happen when you've applications requiring 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 that you're responsible for that need to be deployed simultaneously but to different machines.