I am trying to verify that the email addresses entered into our site are valid. Basically are they fake addresses or not and if I send them an email there will be an inbox associated with that address.

All I keep finding on the web is info for validating with regex... If anyone knows how to do this or knows of a site that could help, please let me know.


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Hi - Why not have the user validate the email on registration? I send the user an email with a random number that I generate. Store that number in the database and have them enter it to activate the account. You can also give a link to a blank page in the email and pass the number in the query string (which gets retrieved when they go to the page) and activate that way.

commented: ur idea is good & i really liked it. It will help me doing my project. +2

I think the best way to verify email address is sending random code and you ask for that code when they log in next time.

...Or do verify by using a link. it is much better this way.