There is aspx page where I am displaying a GridView with some data about basic details about a person.
In that GridView there is a hyperlink, which navigates to a new aspx page where I am displaying the detailed information about
particular person in some controls like text boxes etc.

I am getting all the data in the page when I write the code of displaying on Page_Load, but what I want is
when I click the hyperlink of Page "A" will navigate to Page"B" and the page gets displayed and no matter all the controls are loaded or not?

I want the page and some processing (something like AJAX update progress) gets shown till the controls load.
It means the page gets displayed first and after the retrieving of data the controls get loaded and till this processing somthing
like update progress gets displayed.
Do we have any event after Page_Load event?

Right now I am loading all controls at Page_Load event.

Thanks in advance,

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I am not sure if I understand you completely. Are you saying that you want to display the data after the page has loaded, i.e. maybe use a button on the page to display the gridview?

You can check out the Page events in MSDN:
PreInit Init ,InitComplete, and PreLoad occurr before Load
PreRender and PreRenderComplete occurr after Load-but before the Page is rendered

Sunil Punjabi
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