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I have begun a new website using CRE Loaded6 v6.2 Pro. I am looking for tutorials or just someone who has had experience with the software. Thanks in advance.


I have some small experience with CRE Loaded.




I am dealing several problems right now. The most pressing issue is that I need to create a product page that allows me to put in several options that allow a customer to customize a product. For instance.....

The customer may want to buy a printed canvas reproduction of one of their own photos.
The customer would need the capability to choose a size that they want the photo printed to.
The customer would also need the opportunity to choose an altering technique. Like whether or not they would like to have the photo look like its made in a watercolor or if they would like to add a blur to the background or if they want to change the image to a black and white or sepia tone.
The page would need a section for the customer to enter special instructions. This would be useful for removing items from the image so that the focus would be set on the preferred focus point of the image.
We also need a file upload option on the page.

Once the information is entered, we would need to pass this information to a database table and to the shopping cart.

I know it sounds like a lot of work and it probobly will be. Any help would be great!!



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