Hi All

Its my first time using LING in vs2008. Im pretty comfortable with do changes to the database (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc) using LINQ & the DataContext object.

However I'm trying to do a little login page.

A user will enter their login details (username & password) into textboxes. Now I need to be able to find the username in the db and check that the corresponding password matches.

Simple I know. I just wanted to know if LINQ can handle this without me having to use class to store the data first.

i.e. can i use a SELECT statement to fill a string or array and compare it to the textboxes?

Any help/direction will be much appreciated. Also let me know if im not being clear.

Thanks in advance


I'm not sure why you need to store the data first. This works for me ...

dim checkLogin = from x in DataContext.table _
        Where x.User = UserName.toString AND x.Password = Password.toString  _
        Select x
if checkLogin.count = 1 then
   ' valid user
   ' invalid user
end if


Thanks alot James

I was still thinking old school vb & ADO - was messing around with datasets all the time.

Besides that my basic SQL is pretty rusty... guess i will have to brush up in that area.

I will take it further from here
Thanks for the push in the right direction though.