could someone help me with your brilliant ideas of yours to help me for my final project...
im a science computer student.. i need your ideas..
im so blank..

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First learn php from website like php.net ,etc and then simulate a real life scenario like ticket reservation and code it using php.


emm.. i know about the php already.. emm, ok thanx 4 da idea... forgot to tell u dat i have to do my project that have something to do with military...anything associated with military stuff... hmmm? how's that?


You can develop an online training system. Everyone in military has to go through training. So build your system around the management of these training modules, and progress reporting.

Build and inventory site for the stock room. Add, remove, backorder of items, etc.

I remember on a base I worked on the ID office used a M$ Access application to track who came in, at what time, it also help them keep track of who is next in line to be processed.

The sky is the limit, just think about it.
Good Luck!!! Shoot for an A++


hye blufab... well..that was actually a great idea.. i could foward it to my lecturer and see what she'll say...thanx a lot...

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