HI My name is Abdul Munawar.
I am new to Asp.net, but i am very interested to study hard.. I want t o become a good developer..
My question is

1) I am using fname, lname, email, cellno , male or female ( radio button).
in this radioi button, i want to select any one male or female by click and to store in databse.. Databse= fname| Lname | email |cellno | Gender

so pls help me to code radiobutton select...

2) how to send automatic email to the user, once they registered in my site. pls send the complete code..

3) How to send automatic sms to their cellphone, once they registered in my site.
Pls any send these 3 questions answer immediate to my account
<EMAIL SNIPPED> or in htis site

I hope you are using .Net2.0

1. Set the RadioButton.GroupName Property for both Radio Buttons.

Use the GroupName property to specify a grouping of radio buttons to create a mutually exclusive set of controls. You can use the GroupName property when only one selection is possible from a list of available options.
When this property is set, only one RadioButton in the specified group can be selected at a time.

Topic From MSDN

2) http://www.aspheute.com/english/20000918.asp

3) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555578

2 and 3 are Articles with Explanations and code.

Good Luck.