Hi everyone it Eric (Ndodi). can someone pls help me , i want to disable the validation controls if other controls are activated and how to display the current date

what language are you using?

what language are you using?

C# please help bro

well...to help you with your time problem...to get the current time... is DataTime.Now

to format the time to a short date\time string all you do is

string dateString = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString();

please post your code or sample of it and describe you scenario a bit more..please

meant..."current date"

can u post u r code

Sho it eric , u asked the codes of my validation controls. i will list them below , i tried them usinfg the control button still they dont work, ohh another thing I am using c#

here r the codes

RequiredFieldValidator1.Enabled = false;
RangeValidator1.Enabled = false;

wat exaclty u want

hi guys i want to be able to stop/disable the validation controls while the app is running or when i activate certain controls