Hi all,

I am currently developing a recurring payment gateway for a website using Website Payment Pro using ASP.NET ~ VB. i was thinking if im on the right track because this is my first time to do this PayPal integration. :S

Please can anyone give me some advice where to start or what to do next? im feeling ready but a bit loss. i have a plans but im not sure yet if those will works. im a PHP programmer before, and has a background in VB6, so im pretty confident i can handle ASP.NET with a crash course :twisted: oh well.

currently i am translating the sample C# code to VB that was provided by paypal. after im done with that, i didn't know (just yet) what module should i use for a recurring payment.


thanks for the heads up. i'll read your blog asap. but i forgot to mention the requirement is direct payment. because the client wanted it to process the payment in our website and paypal will do the background.

IPN is just a second option. but if my client would change his mind. much better cuz IPN is simplier ^__^...thanks a lot..i'll post here, PM you if i have any question. your project really look like mine!

I Have been implemented the recurring payment using paypal in asp.net,but i have one problem with this,the problem is i sent a querystring parameter "status" with the return url but it is not getting back when user back to his site.please help me to resolve this issue.