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I am trying to do a simple form (text fields only). The users enter, submit, then there is a confirmation page and information is sent to an email. When 'submit' is clicked there is no information returned from the $_POST variable. Here is the code:

echo "<p>Thank you" $_POST['name'] "!<br>"; 
echo "Your assignment for" $_POST['course'] "has been submitted."; 
//mail string to send to email 
$msg = "NAME: " $_POST['name']; 
$msg .= "LICENSE NO: " $_POST['license']; 
$msg .= "EMAIL: " $_POST['email']; 
$msg .= "DATE: " $_POST['mydate']; 
$msg .= "QUESTION 1: " $_POST['q1']; 
$msg .= "QUESTION 2:" $_POST['q2']; 
$headers ="FROM: " $_POST['email']; 
//set up mail 

The form action and textfields values are correct. I get the "text" but nothing from the html form. Now, my remote host supports php, so thats not an issue. I am working in DWMX 2003, PHP 5.0.2, on WinXP pro.
I am getting very frustrated and could really use some expertise.