i've installed joomla in my machine..and now trying to add a new article..but each time i try to save the article, the page is not submitted..its showing 'done but with errors'..what to do? is it a browser problem or anything else? i've tried both in IE and Mozilla..Please guide what to do..its urgent..
Thanks in advance..

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is your site online? post your link. Check out new modules that you have added recently, try to disable the new ones and see what happen.



Thanks jbisono for replying..I've installed joomla locally..and I haven't added any new modules..I was trying it for the first time and the problem occured..Do I need to configure the php.ini file for this..Please help me. Its urgent.


first you try the online demo of joomla. there is some data already entered.See what article is adding at what location and what is the impact of your data entry at client end. it will be helpfull.

here is the link



Hi Rime,

So how are you doing with your Joomla website? The first thing you should tell us, is the version of Joomla you are trying to install, the exact error message and at what step.

I hope it will help you to find the problem.


hi rime.

you should instal joomla 1.5.
first disable all the default articles .
then go to the article manager and then create new article
don't forget to select section and category.
if u dont hv sections then go with uncategorize.

i hope this helps.

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