I want to say thanks in advance for any help. I have searched the many cfdirectory results and can not get what I need.

I am doing a simple CFDIRECTORY tag. See below. <cfdirectory directory="MyDirectory\Statements\" action="list" name="Get_Statements" filter="*.pdf" recurse="no"> Then I am making a query of the directory list.

<cfquery name="dbQuery" dbtype="query"> 
SELECT * FROM Get_Statements 
<cfdump var="#dbQuery#">

My dump gives me the correct results.

Now I am doing a query to get only the files I need out of the CFDIRECTORY results.

<cfquery name="qoq" dbtype="query"> 
SELECT * FROM dbQuery 
WHERE '#SESSION.auth.Owner#' IN ('#Get_Statements.name#')
<cfdump var="#qoq#">

Here I dump the results, but only see the first file in the CFDIRECTORY. I should have multiple results. So this is the first part of my problem.

Then I do the output.

<cfloop query="qoq"> 
<cfoutput><a href="#qoq.name#" target="_new">#qoq.name#</a><br>

Here I do not get any results at all.

So, I have two issues on this. One, I am not getting the results from my query named "qoq". Two, I am not getting any output at all in my final output tag.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I posted the above thread. I was really hoping to get some direction on this issue I am having.

Any help is appreciated. I have been spinning my wheels for days. I have tried using "LIKE" comparisons. I have tried dumping the directory results into a database and querying from there, but all to no avail.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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