hopefully someone can help with this as it has been driving me crazy for a few days now.

On my master page I have a databound (from oracle) menu. This menu will always be same when the user logs into my site. The other menu however is created on each content page, and will be different depending on the content page. To populate these menus I am using a sqlsitemapprovider1 for the master page menu, and sqlsitemapprovider2 for the content page menus.

My problem however, is that when once I log into the site, and it creates the menu for content page menu, when I navigate to another content page the menu doesnt change. When debugging I notice that it doesnt create another another instance of the sqlsitemapprovider2 - ie it doesnt re-populate my content page menu.

Has anyone any idea how I force the 2nd menu to re-populate each time? Why, even though on each content page I am putting a new menu control (although they all reference sqlsitemapprovider2), does the provider not create the new menu control, and refire the code to populate the menu?

I would really appreciate some help with this if anyone has the time.

Kindest Regards.