Hey Guys,
I have a Vista Home Premium SP 1. I installed Visual Studio 2005 n it was working fine until today. When i tried to open VS 2005 it gave the following dialog box:
"One or more components missing. Please reinstall the application"
First of all i repaired the VS but that didn't help. I also uninstalled and installed it again, That also didn't help.
Please suggest.

Have you tried to reinstall VS? Also look around in your windows event log or other places for more descriptive errors than the one you provided.

I've tried reinstalling it but it won't work. It's giving the same error.
I think there's a compatibility issue bcos the first time i installed VS it did give a compatability error but i installed it anyway and it was working fine.

try installing windowinstaller 3.0,that may solve your problem

or windowinstaller 3.0.1

Try to run VS 2005 using an account with Administrator Privileges in Vista.

Also install Visual Studio 2005 SP1 which may address the problem.

I am installing it using administrator privileges. How do you find out whether ure installing VS SP1 or not???

After installation using an administrator account, you need to run the Visual Studio using an administrator account atleast once. So that some of plug-ins associated with VS will be enabled.

Also you can see if the SP1 is installed in your VS, by clicking Help->About menu.

I've installed VS 2008 on my machine now but when i open my web site i cannot go to the design part but can view the source and code behind.

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