Does anyone know how access data stored in Visual Fox Pro 6.0 (ancient, yes) through asp.net? I've read conflicting information, saying I need to use ODBC connections, but that doesn't work -- after I make my connection to the data table, I get an error on my command.execute saying the table I'm using in my SQL command doesn't exist. At first I thougt it was b/c the table was on a separate machine from the asp server, but after copying it over, I got the same error. I have no trouble linking to the table in MS Access using the exact same ODBC driver, so that's not the problem either.
Next I read that with newer versions of VFP, I could/should use OLEDB drivers, which I tried installing and registering, but after making the connection, running my command.execute returns "Error, class not registered" -- I assume this is referring to the OLEDB driver for VFP, but I've installed, uninstalled, restarted IIS, restarted .net, registered the dll, moved the dll to pretty much every folder on the server, and I've done all of these things multiple times, in different orders, during different phases of the moon, sometimes covering my left eye, hopping on one leg, and standing on my head eating a banana. All to no avail.
By the way, these are VFP free tables (.dbf), not collections.


Dim vfpConn As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection("Provider=VFPOLEDB.1; Data Source='[table location/name]';")
Dim sVfp As String = "select * from [table]"
Dim oCmd As New OleDbCommand(sVfp, vfpConn)

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