I recently had to reformat my computer.. I've been using Visnetic Website 3.5 to run my Forums and Gallery, all which have worked fine with the PHP in the past.

Alas after the reformat I cannot for the life of me to get the PHP to work again.. I've searched forum after forum for clues as to what the problem may be.. I just don't know... I'm lost.

I've tried both ways to install PHP with Visnetic *See links below* and neither of them work.

Note: I haven't gotten any kinds of errors to let me know what I may have done wrong :eek:

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Well I got my PHP to work, but now I have a new problem. I just tried to install my XMB and when I got to the part where I have to ->

-> Create Super Administrator: Please enter the username, password, and e-mail address for the Super Administrator and I hit next my puter freezes each and everytime.. I believe it's not connecting to MySQL.

Any idea how to fix this?

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