Hi everybody

I am stuck here with a problem and my deliverable is in24 hours..
My problem is :

I am in a crm project..it goes like this
if i want a new trade-in offer, then i click on the button and new page appears with blank fields., page called "newtrade"
There is a table below all the fields (empty if new tradein is requested)
There is a button to click popup...
when i click on the popup button, i should open a popup window with textfields to enter namely, person,amount, remarks etc and when i click"ok" button in the popup, i should get the values to the first asp page "newtrade"
into the table below all the fields..

can any one pls helpme out..
I am trying all the ways i could do.....
Thanks a lot upfront....

I hope i am clear, if not pls let me knwo and i will send u more, but pls help me out.....my time is running out!!!!!!!!!11

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first would be to set the action of the form in the pop-up to the window that opened it and have that parent window retrieve the form values. You would also have to add some code to close the pop-up after submitting it's form.

Another possibility is to pass the values using a Javscript function that displays the values in fields using innerHTML. Of course, you would also want to pass the values to hidden form fields as well so the data can be captured when the form is submitted. This method would prevent the need for the main form to be submitted to itself midway through the data collection process.