At my PHP: Mastery Boot Camps I'll have a segment on consulting and contracting that will contain a panel of contractors who have successful businesses.

If you're a contractor making more than $100K, manage multiple clients, are good at getting contract jobs quickly, are in a long-term contract, or are cocky enough to think you're the best then we should talk. Generally I'll pay all your expenses and a speaking fee.

If you don't yet fit that contractor profile then do you know someone who does? I would appreciate you forwarding them my information.

You would arrive the night before, speak for 3-4 hours the next morning (on a panel with others and myself), hang-out for a couple hours and can leave the later that afternoon. Of course you and a family member are welcome to come to the entire event tuition free.

I can forward details of the event, arrangements, and compensation on request. All I need is some verification of your accomplishments. I'm holding these events four times annually so you can pick your date(s).

The first event is tentatively scheduled for September 21-25, 2005 in San Diego, CA USA.

Please contact me at

Kawika Ohumukini
PHP: Training --

Are you paying for flights?

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