hi all

I already have a website running (not php). The problem is that i want people to sign up so i know how many people are actually regulars on my site.

The thing is know how to i insert a database to my webpage, my i create a new webpage which is php or what?

Help me out... and im still new at this so know high tech talk...........


zalakes :mrgreen:

you can have people sign up and not have them be regulars or vice versa, you could use a cookie instead to keep track of those people instead. Now I know that not everyone has cookies enabled, but for the most part they are negligable.

But if your website is not in PHP or ASP or some other scripting language you won't be able to keep track of them. You must use PHP, ASP, CFM, JSP, or some other dynamic language other than htm or html... check with your webhost to see if you are allowed to write scripts on your server, if not then this really won't be an option for you then. If your server is ASP (microsoft) then you will probably be usign a access database, in which case continue your post in the ASP forum

Another option, you can have remote-hosted counter. you don't have to install php on your host.

The thing is, i want people to log on, and i want to send them newsletters

If your server is supporting php you can do it easily with PHP and mysql.