Hi I'm a webmaster, and I want to use php code on my site to create an admin system for my site, I understand that php is very linux oriented, but I also hear that it can be used on a windows platform, cos i'm running on windows, so can I please get the info on how to start... :?:

1. Register a hosting that support php. If you want to use MySQL, then make sure it run program like phpMyAdmin.
2. If you want to run test on your computer, download Apache server. You can always write php scripts and upload to your server/hosting site. It save all the hassle.
3. know what you want and search Internet for sample script. This forum is the best place.
4. if using MySQL, see http://www.php-mysql-tutorial.com/index.php for step by step database tutorials.
5. Refer to www.php.net for any functions you not sure about.
6. Post questions here when you stuck and try again with solutions provided.
7. 2-5 months later you will be able to contribute to this forum.

All the best and good luck.